The Virginia V visits Vashon Island!

We circumnavigated Vashon Island today with the Island’s historical society, a trip that took about four hours. It was a beautiful day for sailing, though we had some good wind at points (nearly lost my hat)

Some engine trouble today, we lost all engine power around the south end of Vashon when a part of the air intake simply fell off. Then the burner had to be replaced, and the ignitor wouldn’t fire. All part of working on a 100+ year old steam engine. 

We sailed past Virginia V history, passing her homeport of Lisabuela (today just a beach), Camp Sealth where the ship carried Campfire Girls every summer, Maplewood where we was built, and Olalla where she was wrecked in 1934. 

The sun set at our stern as we headed back through the locks at the end of the day. All in all, a wonderful day out on the Sound. 

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